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Have you ever wondered how is it like using the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6? You will be able to find out very soon. On April 10th the phone will become available worldwide and you will have the chance to buy one. But if you are not planning to buy it or haven’t saved enough, there is another way to get a taste of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The developers over at the XDA forums have made some amazing things in the past and they continue surprising us, today with another software goodie from the Samsung Galaxy S6. Previously, we have seen apps like the Touchwiz launcher, keyboard app and system theme getting ported to other devices.

Now it is time for the Samsung Galax S6 lock screen application to make an appearance on other devices than only on Samsung’s flagship handset. Contributor “Albe95”, who is responsible for other ported Galaxy S6 apps, has been able to port the Galaxy S6 lock screen and all the widgets to other Samsung Galaxy devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3.

The lock screen includes the weather widget as well as the camera and dialer shortcut icons. If you have any of the mentioned devices above, go ahead and follow the guide how to install the lock screen.

How To Enable Galaxy S6 Lock Screen On All Android Devices

Before starting with the procedure, you must have a rooted phone and a program called APKTool.

  1. Download Samsung Galaxy S6 lock screen ZIP file:
  2. Extract the ZIP file and move them to a folder.
  3. Now find SystemUI.apk file and decompile it using APKTool.
  4. Go to res/drawable-xxhdpi and copy all the PNG files that you have on the extracted file.
  5. Now go to res/drawable-xxhdpi and copy of the PNG files that you have on the same folder name.
  6. Recompile the APK file.
  7. Move the SystemUI.apk file to system/priv-app and set the correct permissions.

Reboot your phone and enjoy the new Samsung Galaxy S6 lock screen effect on your Android phone.

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  • Juan Fernandez

    hi sorry but i can´t understand how do step number 3. Can u help me?

  • Sandeep Yadav

    bro i want s5 toggles on my mega 5.8 gt i9152……….plzzzz help

  • Rameez Raza Riaz

    where do I find the SystemUI.apk? please helpme

  • bettie fox

    can you make a video for this please please please please

  • Juk Ka

    After I Recompile my apk then I copy to System/priv-app, set permission and reboot…after reboot my background of home screen is black , No status bar and No lock screen! Pleas help! I already did of you steps but not work. I used Galaxy Alpha

  • Zear Shuway

    Please can someone tell me if it works on a galaxy s5 mini? (Sorry for bad english)

  • Luqsx _

    Does it need root?