Download Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Apps on Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge (Ported APK)

One of the developers of the Galaxy community has ported most of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 apps to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the hottest and probably the best phone Samsung has ever created. Besides having a faster chipset, 4 GB RAM and 16 MP camera, the software is optimized for multitasking and the user interface is not the same as on the Galaxy S6.

Albe95, a well-known developer at the Galaxy forums has ported some of the most important apps from the Galaxy Note 5 to current Samsung’s flagship, Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. As you might now, there is a high chance that European countries won’t be getting the Galaxy Note 5 any time soon because of Samsung’s marketing strategy, so if you want to get a Note 5 you either have to wait or buy one from a different continent.

If you can live without the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, we have some very good news. You can transform your Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge into a Note 5, software-wise, thanks to ported apps. Now that the Note 5 firmware has been released, developers were quick to port the most important apps.

Here is a list of all Galaxy Note 5 ported apps:

  • TouchWiz launcher
  • File Manager (My Files)
  • Calculator
  • Mail
  • Note 5 Galaxy Apps
  • Gallery
  • Browser Icon
  • Memo
  • Message
  • Voice Recorder
  • Camera Icon
  • S Health
  • S Voice
  • Smart Manager
  • Dialer and contact icons
  • Video Player
  • Clock Icon
  • S Planner

Download: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Apps

There you can find links and instructions for every apps that you want to install on your phone. All the apps have the new Note 5 icon pack.



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