Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lockscreen Wallpaper has been released and you can download it into your phone. Thanks again to @evleaks, which has posted this wallaper a few days ago.

This is the lockscreen wallaper of the Galaxy Note 3 that was featured during the device’s  presentation. It is a colorful wallpaper that easily stands out from other photos as it is a combination of purple, blue, orange, yellow and red.


Download Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lockscreen Wallpaper here


Check out evleaks Twitter Profile for more details.

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  • Souvik

    Hello Ronaldo, My 1 friend is getting note 3 yesterday.So I am jealous haha..Thinking to get note 3 though i don’t love it much as i have S4,only want to compete with friend..Is Note 3 a worthy upgrade over S4 or I should go for iPhone 5S ? want to know your opinion …..pls reply soon…..

    • If you have the Galaxy S4 already, it’s not worth to upgrade. The Galaxy Note 3 has the same processor just clocked higher and the 3GB of RAM are taken by multitasking applications so you will not notice a big difference in terms of speed. My suggestion is to wait and buy the Galaxy S4 which will be released next year.

  • Souvik

    You Mean S5 Bro ? Because S4 is already released…And Thanks For Your Reply

    • Yes souvik. I meant Galaxy S5, my bad 🙂