Download Retrica Camera App for Android

Until now, Retrica app has been available only for iOS devices. It is a cool app which adds different camera effects to your photos and also leaves a small “Retrica” sign or logo. It is widely used by iOS users along CamWow.

The good thing is that you can download this camera app for your android device too. Well, it’s not the original app, but it is the same when it comes to functions. You know that the majority of users use this app only for that little “Retrica” logo on the bottom and not much for its filters as there are plenty of apps on the App Store which have better filters and quality.


That’s exactly what this app does. It adds that little Retrica logo on the bottom of the photo. You can choose from several logos with different cool designs.

Download Retrica Camera App for Android devices here.

Bear in mind that this application is not the official Retrica camera app but a camera with filters which adds the logo to photos. What camera apps with filters do you prefer and recommend?


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