Download Official Android 4.3 Firmware For Samsung Galaxy S4

Finallly… The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S4 has started rolling out. After many weeks of waiting Samsung finally decided to release the much waited official Android 4.3 firmware. Why is this update so important? Well, it brings many new features and improvements that 4.2.2 firmware didn’t have.

Now you can enjoy full KNOX support. KNOX is a new security app from Samsung which will make your device more secure. Now you will be able to pair your phone with Galaxy Gear thanks to compatibility update. What other improvements are included? Some icons have changed for a better User Interface.


Performance is also improved (Graphics, Multimedia, Bluetooth) and one of the biggest changes is OpenGL 3.0 support. Yep, enjoy latest games with maxed out graphics.

This update is 658 MB big and can be installed in two different ways: OTA (Over The Air) update or through KIES.

Read this guide here ~ How to upgrade Galaxy S4 firmware with OTA software update?

I recommend you to update through OTA because it is faster than KIES.

Do you like the new improvements & features that Android 4.3 has?


  1. I9500 does not support OpenGL 3.0..and yes i have noticed less lag and benchmark score got boosted..Now getting 15000-17500 in Quadrant and 25000-27000 in Antutu.Previous score was 12000-13500 in Quadrant and 23000-24000 in Antutu.


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