Download Nokia X Camera & Gallery App For All Jelly Bean Devices

Nokia X is a budget Android smart phone from Nokia. The most important thing about this device is that apart from being cheap and affordable for those decent specs it has, it is also the first smart phone ever with Android operating system made from Nokia, a company which only produces Windows Phone devices. The best thing is that having Android OS, you can enjoy different goodies such as applications and files.

Even though the Nokia X camera is not the best, the camera app certainly is pretty good. It has some interesting features that other smartphones do not have. It is a cool addition to your main camera app. The user interface is simple. On the bottom you have three buttons. The first sends you straight to the gallery (Nokia X gallery and not your stock gallery app), the second one captures photos and videos and the third button changes camera modes which are photo, video and panorama.


On the top things start to become a little more interesting. You have all the usual shortcut options such as White Balance, Flash, Exposure and Scenes. There is also the icon for Camera Settings. There are the real interesting options. You can choose the preferred ISO level, from ISO 100 up to ISO 1600. If you want, you can leave it on Auto. You can enable or disable Red Eye Reduction, Histogram, Shutter Sound as well as select your preferred Auto Focus area.

One thing to note is that this camera app can only take 5 MP photos and not more just because the camera lens on the Nokia X is only 5 MP big. If you want to try out the camera app and have a device with Jelly Bean or higher, check out the original thread and download it here.


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