Download NFL 2013 Live Wallaper for Android devices

Download the ultimate NFL live wallaper for your Android devices now. Cool features and options make this live wallaper very unique and worth to install it. You can choose your favorite team and a helmet with its logo will appear on the field.

There is also a cool flag which can be changed into various styles. There is a holiday option where you can choose from three different holidays, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Winter. If you choose Thanksgiving, the helmet with be replaced with a turkey, if you choose  Halloween, the helmet will be replaced with a pumpkin and if you choose Winter, it will be replaced with a snow man.


Oh, also the environment will also change based on your current time.  If it’s late, stadium lights will turn on to light up the stadium.

Download NFL 2013 Live Wallpaper for Android devices here

Enjoy interacting with the stadium and different helmets ( Turkey, Snow Man, Pumpkin)


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