Download LG Optimus G Lockscreen for Galaxy S4

The LG Optimus G has a very cool lockscreen with many beautiful unlocking effects like Particle, Crystal, DewDrop and Ripple effect. The most interesting ones are Particle and DewDrop effects.

When you swipe your finger over the screen to unlock your phone, it gradually shows a part of your homescreen until you completely unlock your Optimus G. The effect is smooth, simple and very practical. Now you can have this awesome lockscreen on your Galaxy S4 too!


Download LG Optimus G Lockscreen Effects for Galaxy S4 here

After you install and open the app, you will have many different settings and options to choose from. The first one, obviously, is the option to enable the lockscreen. Then there is Personalization where you can change the wallapaper, clock & date font as well as owner info and carrier text.

You can choose to enable notifications like missed calls & new messages and hide the status bar. As on the original Galaxy S4 lockscreen, you can select up to 5 apps to appear like shortcuts at the bottom of the screen. Also, if you don’t want to swipe over the screen to unlock the phone, you have the option to unlock it by pressing the home button.


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