Download LG Music Flow Player System App

LG has just announced a new application called LG Music Flow Player System. This application has a simple yet complex function. You can connect all your devices to play the same song at the same time. So you can connect your phone with your PC, laptop, TV, speakers and create a single Music Player system.

This application is very interesting and can be downloaded right now from the Play Store. You can connect to all devices for as long as they have internet wireless access. When you aren’t connected to any device, the app will work as a dedicated music player on your phone.

lg sound flow system app

The best thing is that you can control the app by sending text messages through IM service. You can simply send a message and the app will do what you just said in the message. Now this is called a smart app and a smart sound system.

LG will also launch a few sound bars that you can use with the application. You can buy 40W H5 and 70W H7 speakers in just a few days and 30W H3 speaker and the HS6 320W sound bar just a bit later. All these speakers will hit the UK stores first.

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If you also like the new LG Music Flow Player System, you can download the application for Android here and for iOS here.


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