Download LG G3 Apps (Browser, Camera, Music, Video, Calendar, Message, Email)

Download and install on LG G3 applications on your phone. After the LG G3 launcher, wallpapers and keyboard, not it is time for all the other apps to be published for other Android devices. Almost every new possible application of the LG G3 firmware has been taken and can be installed on other devices.

LG G3 has brought some really interesting enhancements when it comes to software and applications. It has a redesigned user interface, optimized and better apps and overall it is a new experience for everyone who wants to try the new LG phone out.

If you want to enjoy the LG software experience without buying the phone, you are able to do so. The applications taken from the G3’s firmware can be installed to every smart phone. Here is a list of all available applications.

  • LGAlarmClock
  • LGBackup
  • LG Browser
  • LG Calendar
  • LG Camera App
  • LG Contact
  • LG Easy Home
  • LG Email
  • LG File manager
  • LG Gallery
  • LG Home
  • LG Music & Video
  • LG Message
  • LG Keyguard
  • LG Easy & Lock screen Settings

You can download all the mentioned applications above here. Simply download the APKs and install them as a normal application.Reboot your phone and the app installed should be available.



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