Download LG G Flex Split View for LG G2

The Split View feature is an option which allows you to open two apps at the same time side by side. Both apps run at the same time and you can use them simultaneously without having to go back and forth to each app.

Split View is almost the same thing and has the same function as Multi Window which is for Samsung devices. Is is a very useful feature especially when you have to view a YouTube video and at the same time have to send a text message to your friend.


This feature was released for the LG G Flex and is currently available only for that phone. However, Split View has been ported and now it is available for the LG G2 as well.

Download LG G Flex Split View for LG G2 here.

To install it, go to Recovery Mode and flash the file you downloaded. To activate it, turn on your phone, press and hold the back button for a few seconds and Split View will open. All apps are enabled to work with it.

Some users have reported that if you try to upload pictures through Tapatalk, Split View will break.

Also, if you unistall any app that is used by Split View, it will cause a Force Close of Split View Services and you may have to reboot your phone.



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