Download iOS System Animations on Samsung Galaxy S3

Download every single iOS system animation on your Samsung Galaxy S3. iOS has simpler and lighter system animations than Android Touchwiz skin the Galaxy S3 has. The Galaxy S3 is Samsung’s best-selling and most popular phone.

The biggest percentage of Samsung phones is taken by the Galaxy S3. This shows how popular the device is, even though it is now more than two years old. The huge user base has made it possible for the device to have a huge developer support.

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It has a plethora of custom ROMs, mods, themes and even ported firmwares. You can download and install Galaxy S5 ported ROM on the Galaxy S3 and enjoy all the features of Samsung’s current flagship device.

ios system animations galaxy s3

Install iOS system animations on Galaxy S3

1. Put the zip file in your phone’s internal memory.

2. Boot to Recovery and go down and up by using Volume buttons.

3. Select Flash zip file.

4. Reboot your phone.

Download iOS animations on Galaxy S3.

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As always, it is recommended to make a full NANDROID backup of the operating system or simply of the animation folder.


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