Download & Install Modern Combat 5 for Android & iOS, The Best FPS Game For Mobile Devices

Modern Combat 5 is finally out for both mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Modern Combat 5 is the successor of Modern Combat 4 which got released 1 year and a half ago on December 2012. There was a huge delay between MC5 and MC4. Usually, a new version of Modern Combat gets released every year during winter.

However, this wasn’t the case with Modern Combat 5. Mobile users had to wait 1 year and 8 months to download the successor of MC4. Modern Combat 5 has been considered as the best FPS (First-person shooter) game for mobile devices.

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MC5 is unrivaled when it comes to the thrilling gameplay and amazing graphics. It has been said that MC5 has the best graphics ever for a mobile game rivaling even console titles. This shows how good graphics Modern Combat 5 has.

download install modern combat 5 android ios

Finally after 1 year and 8 months of waiting the game has been released for Android and iOS. There are four play styles you can choose from:  Heavy, Recon, Assault or Sniper. Choose the one which suits you best. Once you have finished the campaign be prepared to have a tough fight in multiplayer mode.

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Advance and get more money to get better and advanced equipment. Download the best first-person shooter game for Android here and iOS here.


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