Download Galaxy S5 Themed Android L Keyboard App

Download and install Samsung Galaxy S5 themed Android L keyboard. Android L got announced a few months ago and it is going to be the biggest Android update. It brings improved performance, better battery life and new visual interface of applications and of the overall system.

One change that a lot of users are liking is the keyboard application. The keyboard app of Android L has Material Design and it looks a lot better than the keyboard of KitKat. It has new colors, better word prediction and overall it is more productive.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 keyboard is also very productive with a lot of features. It is not like the stock KitKat app since it runs on Touchwiz. And even though Touchwiz is bloated, it has a lot of useful features. A developer has themed the Android L keyboard and has made it like the stock Galaxy S5 app.

galaxy s5 themed android l keyboard

It has all the features and options that Android L app has but is resembles the stock keyboard app of the Samsung Galaxy S5. If you like the Galaxy S5 keyboard layout but also like the Android L features, then you should download and install this app.

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Download Galaxy S5 themed Android L keyboard app here. Enable unknown sources on the settings and then install the APK file as a normal application. Then reboot your phone and select the new app on the settings menu.


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