Download Galaxy Note 3 Incoming Call Notifications for Galaxy S3

Incoming Call Notifications is a cool feature available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. What this does is that it allows you to change an incoming call notification from full screen to a small popup.

This is very useful because if someone calls you and you are doing something important with your phone like writing an email or video-chatting with your friend, a small popup will appear telling you who is calling. If this feature was disabled, everything you were doing at that moment would close and the phone app would open.


Now, this feature is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S3. All you have to do is to replace your stock phone app with a modified one.

Before getting started, we should note that you must be running a 4.3 Android Touchwiz firmware or otherwise it will not work.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Download modified phone app here
2. Using a special file manager go to System > App and replace the file you downloaded with the stock app (SecPhone).
3. Change permissions to rw-r–r– and reboot your phone.
4. Go to Settings > My device Tab and select Call.
5. Scroll down and find an option called “Incoming Call Notification”. Tap it to activate the feature.

That’s it. Now whenever someone calls you, a small popup will appear instead of the full screen window.


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