The Galaxy Note 3 has 2 quite useful features which you can download and install on your Galaxy S4: Scrapbook and Action Memo.

Scrapbook allows you to immediately save images, content and data in your phone. How does it work? To activate it, open Air Command and press the Scrapbook button. Then, whatever you want to save you just draw a little circle and everything inside that circle will be saved as a screenshot. Be it an image, a part of a website or a video.


The second feature is called Action Memo. If you liked S Memo on your S3 S4, Note 2 and Note 3, you will definitely enjoy Action Memo even more. This option is meant for quick notes and even serves to quickly open different applications like the dialer, maps, browser and the contacts page.

How does it work? Again, open Air Command and select Action Memo. A small memo will appear and whatever you write on it your phone will recognize it. For example, if you write an email address it will automatically open your email service and save that adress. If you write a phone number the dialer will open with the save number.

As you can see, these 2 features can be  very useful sometimes. Even though Samsung has put those two only on the Galaxy Note 3, you can download and install them on your Galaxy S4 as well.

Download Action Memo & Scrapbook for Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 & GT-I9505 here

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  • Will this work on a Note 1 as well?

    • I don’t think this will work on a Note 1. These apps are specifically ported for the Galaxy S4.

      • Vyron Josh

        How about on note 2

  • Souvik

    Thanks Bro…Great As always… 🙂

  • Paul

    If I’ve downloaded it, how do I install it and/or do I need to root my Galaxy S4?

    • First of all, if you haven’t, you should root your phone. Then installing it is very easy. Simply flash it through recovery mode.

      • Jalal

        Note 3

        • Jalal

          have note 3 and I have upgrade it to kikat and I rooted my device, I have problem with action memo, always crashs, do you think if I install this file to recovery mode will fix my problem??

          • I don’t think it will work. It is probably a better idea to reset your Note 3. This might be a better idea.

  • ankur

    I have rooted my device, How do I flash it with Odin,
    Kindly update asap

    • You don’t have to use Odin. You need to flash the file through Recovery Mode.