Echoe ROM for Galaxy S4 has so many tweaks that makes it fast that even the developer can’t list them all. He calls it “A Supersonic Rom for the Galaxy S4”.

And it is true. This ROM is very fast and doesn’t lag or stutter at all.


It is based on XXUBMGA firmware together with Ausdim Google Edition Kernel V13. It supports Ex-FAT and comes in two versions: Full variant which is 1.4 GB  and Lite variant which is 898 MB.

As far as my opinion goes, I have experienced excellent battery life and the performance was very fast.

Download Exhoe ROM  for Galaxy S4 here

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  • Souvik

    Big disappoint man..!! I9505 only,No I9500. ( !_!);

    • Don’t worry! I9505 ROMs coming up today.

  • Souvik

    Bro I’m looking for octa version’s [ I9500] Echoe ROM…do you know when it will be released ?

    • Unfortunately the developer of this ROM doesn’t have any plans to build a I9500 variant one.

      • Souvik

        Oh…So Sad,Anyway if it ever release or any other rom then pls post the thread of them…thanks for your effort…