Download Best Visual Memory Game for Android

Do you think you have a good memory and can remember every single detail of a photo? If you think so, you should check out “12sec – Visual Memory Game”.

As the title says, 12sec is a cool game which tests your visual memory. The concept is simple. You will view different photos for 12 seconds and then you will answer a few questions. There are 2 modes: Normal Mode and Time Attack which is more difficult.


If your answer correctly to most of them and get certain points you will unlock the next photo until you go to the last photo which is the most difficult one as it has many small details that you have to remember. If you think this game is easy you are wrong. You have to remember even the smallest details in order to answer the questions correctly. If you think you can beat this game, download it here.

Another good thing about this game is that it doesn’t have any ads. So you get to enjoy a good game without getting disturbed from different promotions.


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