Download Android Wear App to Control Your Smart Watch

Android Wear is an app which allows you to control your smart watch through your phone. Android Wear has been very successful these weeks. Many people seemed to like the smart watches announced during Google I/O. LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and Moto 360, all these three devices run on Android Wear, a software designed for smart watches.

The Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch will be available on the upcoming days and the official date when you can buy one of these two devices is July 8. These smart watches can be controlled with your phone and to connect your phone to your Android Wear device, you will need a special application.

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And the official application which will make it possible to connect your phone to your smart watch, Android Wear Manager app has been launched on the Google Play Store. Every device which is compatible with Android Wear devices can download the app.


Android Wear Manager basically connects your phone to your smart watch. Once you download and open it, you will see the option to choose an available device. Once you are connected, you can do various things from the app like changing the agenda, setting an alarm and timer.

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At the moment there isn’t any need of this app just yet because Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and Moto 360 aren’t still available for the public. But it is still a good idea to install the app and you will be set when your Android Wear device arrives.

Download Android Wear here.


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