Download Android N Stock Wallpaper (High Resolution)

Download the stock Android N Developer Preview wallpaper on your phone now! Today Google surprised everyone with the release of the first Android N Developer Preview. No one was expecting the successor of Android Marshmallow this early and to be honest, we weren’t either. According to the first Developer Preview image, Android N improves many aspects of Android and tries to make many things easier for users to use.

Among many things such as new Quick Toggles, Direct reply notifications, Bundled notification handling, improved Doze mode,  Android N comes with a new wallpaper. Well, it comes with a set of new wallpapers, but at the moment we only have the image set as the default home screen and lock screen wallpaper.

This is the first release of Android N Developer Preview image and more wallpapers will be coming soon. If you don’t have the nerves of downloading the factory images or you just want bits and pieces of Android N, then you can download the default wallpaper below.

Download Android N Wallpaper: 2331×1920 2880×2560

The wallpaper features a picturesque view where dark blue, pink and purple dominate. The wallpaper comes in two sizes: 2331×1920 and 2880×2560, and you can download the one that fits your phone better.


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