Download Android M Wallpaper (PNG High Resolution)

Google announced the upcoming version of its mobile platform, named Android M during Google I/O. Android M is the successor of Android Lollipop, though is not as big of an update as the latter. Instead of changing the user interface like it did with Lollipop, Google focused on the functionality and better performance.

The user interface hasn’t changed drastically, which is a good thing for all users who have gotten used to the Material Design UI. However, there is now a new option which can switch from light to dark material design according to the technology screen of your device.

One thing that has improved drastically is the battery life. Google has put the accelerometer sensor to use to improve battery life. It kills most of the tasks when the phone is not being used and if device hasn’t moved for a long time, it will take a few seconds for the phone to get out of deep sleep.

The new Android M OS offers a brand new wallpaper alongside software improvements. Since Android M is not as huge as Lollipop was one year ago, things haven’t changed a lot in the wallpaper department either. The Android M wallpaper pack consists of the same images that can be found on Lollipop, but there is one extra image that has been used as the home screen wallpaper on all Google presentations of Android M.

It is a satellite image of a coastal area, as Google loves these type of images. You can find plenty of them on the wallpaper pack of Android M. You can download the original Android M wallpaper in full resolution (2334 x 1920).

Download Android M Wallpaper

Once you have downloaded the Android M wallpaper, you can easily set it as the background image on your device.


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