Download and Install Ultra Power Saving Mode Launcher

Download and install Ultra (Extreme) Power Saving Mode launcher on all Android devices. Ultra Power Saving mode is  one of the best features that high-end smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) have.

This mode makes it possible for the battery to run for an entire day with only 10% juice left. A launcher with the name of this mode has just recently launched.

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No, it won’t bring your device the capability of surviving the entire day with 10% of battery left but it will greatly improve battery life nonetheless. This is one of the simplest and lightest launchers available.

It has a really simple interface which mimics the interface of Galaxy S5’s power saving mode menu. The home screen is quite simple. On the bottom you can see the battery percentage as all as the current time. There is a single row of icons which can be expanded up to three rows.

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The launcher is very light on RAM. It uses only 7-10MB of RAM and it almost has no impact on battery life. There are a few themes you can choose from such as Light, Dark, Galaxy S5 and Full Screen. The developer of this app has said that the real power saving mode is gong to be included to the launcher very soon.

Download Ultra Power Saving Mode launcher for all Android devices here.