Download and Install Samsung Good Lock 2019 APK & Addons [For One UI]

Samsung has updated Good Lock for 2019 and now it supports Android 9.0 Pie firmware with the One UI skin on top. This is the third update of the update after the original release back in 2016 when it supported Marshmallow devices. It was later updated in 2018 to support Oreo, and finally, the 2019 update brings the long-awaited support for One UI. Follow the tutorial below to learn to install Good Lock and all of its add-ons on your Samsung phone.

Good Lock is a customization app for Samsung phones. It is a software application based on add-ons. It has no functionality by itself, but it is the main program that controls the additional add-ons or plugins, which are the ones that actually customize the user interface of the phone. This app is very popular, especially since Samsung is not the greatest company when it comes to software design. Before you download the app, let’s see what kind of add-ons you can install, and what is their functionality.

Samsung Good Lock 2019 Add-ons

Samsung Good Lock is based on additional apps that enhance the customization of the phone. There are different add-ons that have different functionality, so you can download the ones that you want.

Task Changer

good lock 2019 task changer

Task Changer is a very popular app that lets you modify the recent apps menu. It allows you to switch between different scrolling styles and animations, and there is the option to enable Mini Mode. This mode shrinks the apps to the bottom of the screen to make one-handed scrolling that much easier.


good lock 2019 lockstar

Lockstar is another important addon and is very popular among users who love to customize their lock screen. With this app, you can heavily customize the design of the lock screen, select custom backgrounds, and clock faces. Furthermore, you can choose which gesture you want to unlock the phone with, and add your most used apps on the lock screen.


good lock 2019 lockface

ClockFace is another useful app that helps you customize the lock screen and Always On display. This app allows you to choose from many different clock faces, analog and digital, on the lock screen and Always On display. Furthermore, you can change the color and the background as well.


good lock 2019 quickstar

Quickstar is another popular app that helps you with the customization of the Quick Panel. You can change the color theme, adjust the hues, change the transparency of the background and apply blur effects. Another neat feature of Quickstar is the ability to enable the Notification Multi-Window on and off. This option lets you check important information through a pop-up window.

Other add-ons include such as EdgeLighting+ which allows you to customize Edge Lighting effects, Edge Touch which lets you create Edge Zones in order to prevent accidental touches, One-Hand Operation+ which lets you navigate your Samsung phone using one hand only, and Sound assistant which gives you more control over the audio settings.

Download Good Lock and Add-ons APK

Good Lock officially works only in Korea, Singapore, Canada, Australia, and the United States. If you are in any of these places, then go ahead and download Good Lock APK and the add-ons of your choice and you are good to go. If you live in any other country, then download the APK files from the download links below and then scroll down to learn how to use them.

Update: Good Lock 2021 and add-ons are now available. Download and install the new Good Lock 2021 with Add-ons for One UI 3.0.
Good Lock 2019 APK
  • Samsung Good Lock | Download
Good Lock 2019 Add-ons APK
  • Samsung Task Changer | Download
  • Samsung QuickStar | Download
  • Samsung LockStar | Download
  • Samsung ClockFace | Download
  • Samsung EdgeLighting+ 1.0.19 | Download
  • Samsung Edge touch 1.1.03 | Download
  • Samsung One Hand Operation + | Download

How To Use Good Lock 2019 on Unsupported Countries

As we mentioned above, the app only works in the United States, Singapore, Canada, Australia, and Korea. If you live in another country, the Good Lock app will be blank and it will show you the following error: “There was a network or a server error. Try again later. – The mapper function returned a null value”. As a result, there is a workaround to this.

good lock 2019 apk error

  1. Download and install the add-on that you want.
  2. Download Nova launcher from the Play Store.
  3. Long press on the home screen and tap on Widgets.
  4. Tap on Nova Launcher and select Activities. good lock 2019 apk unsupported countries
  5. A menu with all installed apps will show up. Select the app that you just installed.
  6. A shortcut will appear on the home screen.
  7. Tap on the shortcut. good lock 2019 apk unsupported countries error

This will open the settings panel of the add-on. From here you can enable the app and change the options. This way, you can use Good Lock even in unsupported countries. Good Lock can be used on the Galaxy S10, S9, S8, S7, Note 9, Note 8 and more. Enjoy!



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