Download and Install Google Camera 6.2 on Poco F1 [Gcam 6.2 APK]

You can download the latest version of Google Camera on your Pocophone F1 device. The Xiaomi Poco F1 is considered to be as the best smartphones one can get for the price. It offers high-end specifications for a much lower price than its competitors. Even though it is cheaper than most other phones, it has a very good camera quality. It has managed to beat flagship phones from other companies in blind camera tests.

You can improve the camera quality even more with the help of Google Camera. Google released Gcam 6.2 a few weeks ago with new features like Measure Mode, Time Lapse Mode, Dark Mode, Panorama Mode UI, HDR+ enhanced and front-camera flash. More features include Night Sight, Photosphere, 4K 40fps video recording, and 240fps slow-motion video. Google Camera 6.2 is available for the Pixel 3, Pixel 2 and the original Pixel.

Developer “san1ty” has released the new Gcam 6.2 APK for the Xiaomi Poco F1. It can be downloaded from the popular Gcam repository with modders like Arnova8G2, BSG, cstark and more.

Download Google Camera 6.2 APK for Xiaomi Poco F1

The latest Gcam 6.32 port for the Poco F1 phone includes some changes as well. There is a new Pro Mode with manual sliders, a new tripod detection switch and the app auto restarts when a setting is changed.

Download the APK file from the link above. If you have another version of Google Camera already installed on your phone, make sure to uninstall it before installing the new version.


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