Download and Install Google Camera 6.2 APK (Dark Mode, HDR+ Enhanced, Time lapse)

Google has released an update for its own camera app a few days ago. This update introduces Google Camera 6.2 and brings some interesting new features. The new APK file has been examined and 9to5google has been able to distinguish some of the biggest changes in the app. Google Camera 6.2 updates include Measure mode, time-lapse mode (Cheetah), dark mode, UI tweaks, HDR+ enhanced, live mode transitions and front-facing flash.

Google Camera 6.2 updates

  • Measure Mode: Google has been working for a few years now on its Measure app. It allows you to capture distance and elevation, and take measurements using a virtual ruler. Looks like Google will be integrating the Measure app functionality into the camera app.
  • Time Lapse mode: Google will release a new time-lapse mode, internally known as “Cheetah”. This mode will let users record and faster speeds and will be an addition to the current Slow Motion mode.
  • Dark Mode: The current Google Camera UI already has a dark background except for the settings menu. The new update makes it possible to change the background color from white to black.
  • Panorama mode UI: The panorama mode UI has been tweaked a little to improve the overall user experience.
  • HDR+ enhanced: Now you can take pictures using HDR+ enhance mode.  When HDR is enabled, users can choose between the standard mode and HDR+ enhanced mode.
  • Live mode transitions & front camera flash: When switching between camera modes, the app will keep showing the camera feed and will not display a black screen. Furthermore, the front camera flash now has a lighting icon.

This is the official version of Google Camera. It has not been modified or tweaked in any way or form. Once we have a working version of GCam APK, we will post the download links here.


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