Download All Sony Xperia Z2 Apps for Nexus 5

All Sony Xperia Z2 apps have been ported and now you can install them on your Nexus 5 as well. The Xperia Z2 has some major software improvements over the Z1, including applications. There are a lot of useful and interesting apps such as Walkman Music Player, Tools Widget, Weather Widget, Live Wallpapers and Social apps.

As always, thanks to Android for being open-source, all these apps are ported and can be installed on a Nexus 5. They work perfectly well just they work on the Z2. There are over 15 applications that have been put inside a zip file so you can install all of them immediately.


Here is the list of all apps that are inside the zip file:

1) Home
2) Walkman
3) Album
4) Movies.
5) Easy Home.
6) Notes
7) Sketch
8) Smart Connect
9) Social Life News.
10) Xperia Lounge
11) Social Life News.
12) Tools Widgets
13) Walkman Widget
14) Weather Widgets
15) Sony Xperia Z2 LWP

Download all Xperia Z2 applications for Nexus 5 here. The file is 140 MB big. Open your phone in Recovery Mode,flash the zip file and reboot it.