Does the iPhone 5S scuff and scratch as the iPhone 5?

Last year, the iPhone 5 was highly criticized because its anodized aluminum body was already scuffed out of the box. This was called “scuffgate” and happened especially with the black version as the black painting was chipped off showing the silver aluminum beneath.

So everyone started running to different shops to buy a protective case for their precious iPhone. One year has passed now and the iPhone 5S has been released just a couple of days ago. It also has the aluminum body that the iPhone 5 had. This means that the new iPhone will be also prone to scuffing and chipping,right?


The recent drop test videos show that the iPhone 5S is handling the side drop test a lot better than the previous iPhone and there haven’t been any reports for scuffing problems. Does this mean that the new aluminum is stronger and more enforced that the old one?

Apperantly, yes. But only time will tell if the new iPhone will have the “scuffgate” problem. If you have bought the iPhone 5S and if it is scuffed and chipped let us know below.


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