Disable Poco X3 NFC Dynamic Refresh Rate and Force 120Hz

If you want to unleash the full potential of the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC display, learn how to disable the Dynamic Refresh Rate and force the display to run at 120Hz all the time.

Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC is one of the company’s most popular phones. It is one of the best value for money smartphones one can buy right now. The phone comes with a 6.67″ IPS display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, Android 10 with MIUI 12, Snapdragon 732G chipset with Adreno 618 GPU, 6GB of RAM, 64/128GB of internal storage, quad-camera layout on the back, a front-facing 20 MP camera, and a massive 5160  mAh battery.

One of the main selling points of the phone is its 120Hz display. It is one of the mid-range phones that comes with a 120 Hz display, providing users a buttery smooth scrolling experience across apps and UI. Xiaomi uses its own Dynamic Refresh Rate to adjust the refresh rate of the screen. When 120Hz is selected, the phone refreshes the screen at 120Hz during scrolling. However, the phone goes back to 60Hz for videos and 50Hz for images. This is done to save battery life because the phone has no need for a high refresh rate when showing an image.

How To Force 120HZ refresh rate on the Poco X3 NFC

Poco’s Dynamic Refresh Rate is a good way to save some battery life. However, it does have its own issues. For example, when the phone goes from showing an image to scrolling content, it has to go from 50Hz to 120Hz. This noticeable jump is noticeable and causes the phone to stutter. As a result, many users want to force the phone to 120Hz at all times.

Luckily, a solution to this issue has been found. User Slim K has found a way to disable Dynamic Refresh Rate altogether and force the phone to be at 120Hz at all times for a smoother experience. This means that if the user explicitly chooses 120Hz, the phone will no longer go back to 50Hz and 60Hz.


Steps to disable Dynamic Refresh Rate on Poco X3 NFC

Dynamic Refresh Rate is a useful feature to save battery life. If you disable this feature, the phone will feel smoother. However, battery life will degrade sooner. The screen on time will go down by about 10-18%.
  1. Open the terminal app and run SU.
  2. Now run props. A list will show up.
  3. Choose option 5 from the list “Add/edit custom props“.
  4. Now choose n “New custom prop”.
  5. Write the following line and execute it:
  6. The default value for this is true. Write in false to disable.
  7. Now choose 2 “post-fs-data“.
  8. Select n, but not reboot the phone yet.
  9. Write the following line and execute it:
  10. The default value for this is true. Write in false to disable.
  11. Now select 2 “post-fs-fata”.
  12. Finally, reboot your phone.

Once the phone boots up, it will run at 120Hz at all times, even when showing an image or playing a video. This method has been tested on a stock MIUI ROM. This might not work if you have installed a custom ROM on your Poco X3 NFC.



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