Disable Blinkfeed on Sense 6.0 UI Launcher (How To)

How to remove Blinkfeed feature on Sense 6.0 launcher? Sense 6 has brought a lot of new awesome changes. One of them is also Blinkfeed. It has been slightly redesigned and it has a lot more options than ever. All devices with Sense 6.0, currently the HTC One (M8) and One (M7) are enjoying the awesome social media experience that Blinkfeed offers.

To access it, you simply swipe to the left and an entire page dedicated to BF will appear. There you can find latest social and media news. However, even though it is a good “app”, many people actually do not use it at all. And those people who don’t use it might feel annoyed, especially if they are obsessed with having a clean launcher and UI.


Having a dedicated page on the launcher for something that you don’t use mind bother you. Luckily, you can entirely disable Blinkfeed on Sense 6.0 ROMs, just like you can disable Magazine feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

To disable it, hold down on the home screen until a menu appears and then click ‘Manage Home Screen Pages’. From there, select the Blinkfeed page and tap the remove button. Another way to do so is to pinch in on the home screen. All current pages will become smaller. Tap and hold the Blinkfeed page and move it to the Trash icon.

That is it. Now BF is disabled. If you want to enable it, simply click the +Blinkfeed page and it will automatically be added again to your home page.


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