CPU Spy Gets Updated With Material Design, Download APK

Download new version of CPU Spy with Material Design. Android phones have evolved so much these two years.

Not only they have bigger screens, thinner bodies and higher resolution displays, they also have faster processors with more cores and higher frequencies.

Although Android is a fast operating system and battery life is optimized thanks to battery saving modes, it has its own problems.

One of the biggest issues that many smartphones users have is bad battery life and overheating issue.

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Sometimes, some installed apps can run in the background even though you are not using it. For example, you are using an application for your own needs and then you close it. The app might be closed but it can still run on the background. That app drains the battery and causes overheating issues.

cpu spy material design apk update

The battery drain problem occurs not only because the app makes the CPU work intensively, but also because it prevents the phone from going to deep sleep mode. When you turn off the screen of your phone, it goes into deep sleep mode to prevent battery drain. But when an app is running, the phone doesn’t go to deep sleep mode because the processor is still active.

One of the best applications to check and diagnose CPU activity is CPU Spy. This app is able to display each frequency of the phone and for how long the processor has been running on each frequency. It also shows for how long the phone has been in deep sleep mode.

CPU Spy has been available for a few years now and time has come for a Material Design makeover. The recognized developer with the name of “existz” has updated the app with Material Design.

Download CPU Spy update APK file with Material Design: link

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Now you can check CPU stats enjoying Material Design Lollipop goodness. The app has all the features that you can expect from a Lollipop themed app like a new navigation bar and colored status bar.


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