How To Control & Customize Notification LED on Moto G and Moto E

One useful feature that most of Android phones have is the LED notification light. It is used for many purposes such as checking for messages, lost calls and new notifications. It is incredible how much Android phones have advanced these years.

Throughout the years, phones have introduced many useful features that make our lives easier and save us a lot of time. For example, the introduction of NFC chips made it possible for users to transfer files directly by touching phones with each other or making payments directly from the phone without having to use a credit card.

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Another useful feature is the LED notification light. The LED is located on the front of the phone and it is usually at the top of the screen near the earpiece. This light is very useful because every time you receive a notification such as a text message, missed phone call or other notifications, the LED flashes to draw your attention.

customize led notification light moto x g

This way, you never miss anything. The Motorola Moto G and Moto E, both have notification LED lights. They have the same function. Light up every time a notification hits the phone. The only problem is that the LED light is white, so it will flash only in white and no other colors.

Other devices have a RGB LED light which means they can produce unlimited colors like red, blue, yellow, green, brown, purple and other colors.

Because of this, it is a great idea to customize the LED notification light on the Moto G and Moto E. You can customize and control them according to your liking. You can change the light duration as well as the brightness.

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You can change the settings to indicate charging status and other activities. A developer has written a detailed guide on how to do so. Check the guide to learn how to customize and control LED notification light on the Moto G and Moto E.


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