Colorful Sony Xperia Z3 Clock Widgets (Download & Install)

Android is one of the most advanced and feature-filled mobile platform out of all. Even if it is not rooted, it offers the user a plethora of features which make the phone interesting to use for a long time. Be it custom launchers or themes, there will be something to keep you busy and entertained on your phone. This applies for all phones for as long as they are running on one of the latest versions of Android and have a little support from developers.

Apart from launchers and themes, you can also install custom clock widgets. This is the case with all Sony devices. A member from the XDA forums called “gamzekal” has created a nice compilation with some of the best Xperia Z3 clock widgets called colorful widget clocks. Do not get confused by the name. These clocks can be installed on all Sony devices.

The name implies that the clocks are based on the official Sony Xperia Z3 clock widget. They are modified, featuring different colors. That’s why they are called colorful. The Sony Xperia Z3 has a white clock widget which looks nice on all wallpapers but after a while, it can get boring. That’s why the colorful pack was created. To give you more diversity and options to choose from.

Even though these clock widgets are based from the Xperia Z3 app, they can be installed on all Sony Xperia devices for as long as they fulfill some requirements. You should be running on an Android 4.4, 4.3 or 4.2 custom Sony ROM, have the Xperia Z3 launcher installed as well as Superusermod. Follow this guide for the launcher:

Now that you have everything required, you can continue with the guide below.

Install Sony Xperia Z3 Colorful Clock Widgets

Download the APK files here: 4.4 APK | 4.2 APK (source). They can be installed directly from the phone as normal apps so you don’t need a custom recovery.

  1. Download the right APK file for your Android version and move it to your phone.
  2. Now, go to folder where the APK file is located and install it as a normal app.
  3. If the installation process gets blocked, enable “Unknown Sources” from the settings menu.

Once you have installed the app, go to the launcher and open the widgets section. There, search for the new clock widgets and place them on the home screen.


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