How To Check Galaxy S5’s Display for Dead Or Stuck Pixels

Check if your Samsung Galaxy S5’s display has any dead or stuck pixels. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a gorgeous 5.1″ Full HD Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Everything is sharp and very detailed. The best thing about the screen is the AMOLED technology.

Super AMOLED displays are known to have punchy colors and very wide viewing angles. Also, black backgrounds are totally black and not dark gray like LCD displays because pixels are completely turned off.  The white color has also been improved a lot. On the Galaxy S4 it was more like a light gray while on the Galaxy S5 is totally white.


The Galaxy S5 display is one the best you can find on the market. But, what is the purpose of having such a good display if it has dead or stuck pixels? Dead pixels are very annoying. They look like white dots on black backgrounds and cannot be fixed.

If you are just buying a new Galaxy S5 or want to check out your new phone for dead pixels, you can easily do so. Open the dialer and type *#0*#. This code will open Hardware Testing menu where you can test all hardware components of the phone such as the display, camera and sensors.

Inside the menu are fours buttons: Blue, Red, Green and Black. Select them one by one and check for dead pixels. The best one is to open the black background and check for white dots. If no white dots are found, you are good to go.



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