How to check if your Galaxy Note 7 battery is safe to charge and won’t explode

Samsung is having a hard time with the Galaxy Note 7 recently. Ever since the first Galaxy Note 7 exploded a few weeks ago, Samsung’s stock has gone down noticeably, causing the company to lose billions of dollars in just a few days.

This fact alone motivates the company to fix this problem as quickly as possible. After recalling more than 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices, Samsung has released an update which limits battery charge to only 60 percent to prevent any possible explosions.

Another measure taken by Samsung is the creation of an online tool which tells you whether your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is affected and has a damaged battery or not. If you don’t want to send your Note 7 back to the store, but you also don’t want to live with the fear that it might explode one night, then this online tool will tell you if your phone is safe or not.

A webpage created by Samsung called “Galaxy Note7 Replacement Program”, includes a tool where you can check if your Note 7 battery is safe or not.

How to check if my Galaxy Note 7 battery is safe?

The online tool makes everything easy. All it requires from you is the IMEI number of your Note 7. Once you figure out the IMEI number on your Note 7, then you enter it on the online site, and it will tell you whether your phone is safe or dangerous.

  1. Take your phone, dial *#06# and copy your IMEI.
  2. Go to Samsung’s site and enter the IMEI code.
  3. Enter the security code and check if your phone is safe.

If the site tells you that your phone’s battery is not affected by the explosion issue, then you might want to keep it. But if it says that the phone has a problematic battery, then you better hurry up and replace it as soon as possible.


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