Change the Galaxy S4 Statusbar Color According to the App Background

The statusbar on the Galaxy S4 is transparent so it changes to the color of the background. However, it is transparent only on the home page. So when you open an app or the web browser, the statusbar will always be black.

But thanks to Xposed Framework and Tinted Statusbar Bar,  you can make your statusbar always “transparent”. This means that if you open an app and its theme color is yellow, the statusbar will also turn yellow. If the theme color is blue, the statusbar will be blue and so on.


If you want this cool effect, you will need two things: Xposed Framework and Tinted Statusbar Mod.

If your phone doesn’t have Xposed Framework installed, you can download it here.

Once you install Xposed Framework, you have to download Tinted Statusbar Mod (link).

Then open Xposed app and install the mod. That’s it.


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