Change Icons and Name of Apps With Xposed Framework

There are a lot of ways to change applications icons on Android devices. You can change them by installing a custom launcher that supports icon packs or by installing an application dedicated in this job. This time, a developer has created a module for Xposed Framework which allows you to easily change app icons.

This Xposed module has three main features: Change the name of an app, change the name of an app and also disable the Audio Focus function. This module requires two simple things: Obviously, it requires Xposed Framework to be installed as well as minimum SDK version of 15/4.0.3.


Download Xposed module to change app icons here.

After you have installed it, open Xposed Settings and activate the downloaded module.. Then, select the app and the icon you want to replace and you are done. If you want, you can also rename the app as you want. Once you have done everything, reboot your phone in order for the changes to take effect.


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