Best Way To Get Windows 10 Final Version For Free

There are some very good news for all users who want to get the official and final version of Windows 10 OS for free. A few weeks ago Microsoft announced that all users who had a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 computer will receive Windows 10 for free. However, this applies only for licensed versions of Windows 7 and 8.1 builds, whereas users who are running unlicensed builds are out of luck.

Just now, Microsoft announced that it will give all Windows 10 Preview Users the ability to update to the final and official version for free. This means that if you are registered to the Windows Insider program and have an Insider Preview build of Windows 10 installed, you will get the final version for free.

In order to be eligible for update, you have to install and run the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview firmware with build number 10130. Also, you need to use your Microsoft account which you used to download the Insider Preview firmware.

The final version of Windows 10 will be released on 29 July, so hurry up and install the latest Insider Preview build.

Windows 10 is the OS that Windows 8 should have been, optimized for tablets and computers at the same, with an intuitive user interface and added features.



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