Best Way to Customize and Personalize Notifications on Android

The notification system of Android is very simple. When you receive a new message or email your phone will make a sound and if you don’t hear it, it will light up the LED notification light.

The problem is, how do you know if that notification is a message, email or just an annoying game reminder? Because if you receive a notification in the middle of the night you might want to know if it is important or not.


What if you would be able to customize the sound and light of every app that sends you a notification?

This way you know what you just received. The best way to do so is with the an called Recurrent Notification Manager.

This program allows you to configure notifications for each app. For each application you can select a specific led color and rigtone. Oh, and Recurrent Notification Manger is compatible with Pebble Watch as well.

Download Recurrent Notification Manager here.


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