Best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Accessories

Are you looking for the best accessories you can buy for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4? A smartphone is nothing without internet connection. Without internet, a smartphone becomes a simple phone which is able to make phone calls, send messages and take pictures.

But a phone doesn’t need only internet to be useful. If you want to make it more productive and want it to last for a long time, you also need to buy different accessories for your device. If you have bought or are planning on buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, here are some of the best and most useful accessories you can get for it.

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1. Cases and protective covers

spigen slim armor case galaxy note 4

If you want to protect your phone from scratches and cracks you have to buy a case. A case protects your phone not only from nasty scratches but also from screen cracks when you accidentally drop the phone on the ground. There are many cases which come in different shapes for your device. Here are the best cases you can get for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Also, here’s the most expensive case from Montblanc.

2. Extra original battery

galaxy note 4 battery extra

One of the biggest problems modern phones have is the battery. Battery life is a lot worse on current smartphones that on old phones. High-end devices can barely last throughout the day while old phones are able to last for more than 1 day. Actually, they can last for more than 1 week.

One of the best things about Samsung devices is the removable back cover which allows the user to replace the battery. Even though the Galaxy Note 4 has a steel frame, the back cover is still leather like. The Note 4 has a 3,220 mAh battery and you can easily buy another one from Samsung’s official site.

3. Galaxy Note 4 Wireless charging cover

galaxy note 4 wireless charging back cover

Wireless charging for mobile devices is quickly becoming the new trend. Why look for the USB cable when you can easily put the phone on the table and it will start charging. Wireless charging is convenient for a lot of users because you don’t have to plug the cable into your phone every time you want to charge it.

Some Android devices are able to charge wirelessly out of the box but the Note 4 doesn’t have this feature. You need to buy a special back cover with this functionality which has the same design as the original back cover.

4. Wireless charging pad

galaxy note 4 wireless charging pad

To enable wireless charging feature on your Galaxy Note 4 you need the charging pad besides the back cover. You have to buy both of them if you want wireless charging capabilities.

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5. Screen protectors

galaxy note 4 screen protector

Cases are not the only way to protect your phone. Screen protectors are very useful too because they protect the screen from scratches. The Note 4 has Gorilla Glass 3 which is scratch-resistant. However, small particles like dust and sand can easily scratch the display of the Note 4.

You can buy a good screen protector for a low price which will protect the display of your phone. Why scratch the screen when you can put a thin protector which takes all the damage?


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