Best ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S3

Here are some of the best custom ROMs currently available for the Samsung Galaxy S3. These ROMs are very fast with a lot of tweaks and the possibilities to customize them are endless.

Omega ROM


Omega ROM is probably the most popular ROM for the Galaxy S3. Currently,there are two versions of the Omega ROM. There is v43.3 which is based on the latest Android JellyBean 4.12 official firmware and v44.4 which is based on the leaked Android JellyBean 4.2.2 firmware. The v43.3 is more stable and faster. Omega ROM offers the stock TouchWizz experience but much better and improved. And it has a very user friendly thread on XDA.

Download Omega ROM for Galaxy S3 here

Pardus HD ROM


Pardus HD is the best ROM at the moment if you are searching for a Samsung Galaxy S4 experience. This ROM has everything,the Galaxy S4 launcher and a lot of its applications as well. If you want a Galaxy S4 experience on your Galaxy S3,Pardus HD ROM is for you.

Download Pardus HD ROM for Galaxy S3 here

Android Revolution ROM


Android Revolution is a good option for everyone who likes TouchWizz. This ROM is based on the latest official Samsung 9300XXEMD2 firmware but with many more features and options. It uses a stock kernel (you can also flash a custom kernel) and there are almost no visual  changes but options to customize it are endless.

Download Android Revolution here

SlimBean ROM


Now from Touchwizz lets go to Pure Android experience. Yeah, Touchwizz may be good in its ways, with all those fetures like Multi Windows, Smart Stay, Floating Video Payer, S Memo, Samsung  Apps etc but after some times it can get really laggy.So if you can’t stand the lags happening here and there you should definitely try SlimBean.Pure stock google android experience . Enjoy the fastest rom without any lag. Its blazing fast plus it has tons of features too.You should check it out.

Download SlimBean ROM for Galaxy S3 here

Chaos ROM


What UI do you prefer the most? Sense,TouchWizz or Sony? Or are you just as undecided as me?Well,with Chaos ROM you have all the phones UI experience on your Galaxy S3. This ROM has the Sense and Sony theme too.

Download Chaos ROM here

Sotmax Ultimate ROM


Here is another cool ROM. Sotmax Ultimate ROM is based on latest leaked firmware 4.2.2 XXEMC3 which is very stable and fast. It is deodexed and zialigned and it has some pretty cool features like stock (S4) look-theme free for avoid slowing down device and keep stock look, stock bootanimation & bootsound, stabilized virtual memory with some scripts, keyboard in white and grey, black and fully transparent statusbar by choice in aroma, ink effect, ripple effect, aosp lockscreen and many more. Give this ROM try.

Download Sotmax ROM here

Well,these are the best ROMs according to me. What do you think guys?


  1. why is Hyperdrive RLS14 by Devient Developement not listed. Hyperdrive has got to be the best rom for S3 Hands down!!

  2. I think you missed out on the Wicked Rom V10. I had loaded a few on my GS3 and I found Wicked to be quite fast and stable. Really like that ROM.

  3. Personally I think Sotmax ROMs deserve to be mentioned, even though the battery life in the latest couple of ROMs were absolutely awful.

  4. I personally use Dandroid on my S3.
    I have tried almost all of them and keep going back to Dandroid.IT IS THE BEST

  5. has USB/Wifi tethering been tested on any of these roms? i ask because i’ve tried a couple of others and it hasnt worked (broken not blocked)

  6. Great review!

    Tried a few of these but ….
    I’m on the M3 4.4.4 Gummy Ron and it excellent to state the least!
    Smooth, fast and super small foot print.

    I have not been running googril anything on this ROM for 2 months.

    Trying to locate the att M4 last and latest upgrade.

    Again THANKS!


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