Android Jelly Bean Devices Show A Slight Increase In Numbers

It has been almost 1 year since Android Jelly Bean was launched.And for a long time it didn’t show a big increase. Android devices just weren’t being updated to Jelly Bean.

But what is the status of Jelly Bean now, after almost 1 year and lot of devices are launched and updated with Jelly Bean?

imageWell, devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X really helped in increasing the number of Jelly Bean devices. Android 4.1 has scored an increase from 23% to 26.1%. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich actually saw a drop from 29.3% to 27.5%, as did Gingerbread going from almost 40% to 38.5%. Android 4.2 is actually low because at the moment only Nexus devices have Android 4.2 and HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are relatively new to the market. What version of Android are you guys using?


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