Download GApps for Android 12 (All Packages)

Below you can download the latest Gapps packages for Android 12. If you have an Android phone and have recently installed a custom ROM based on Android 12, the next thing you should do is to download a Gapps package and install it on your phone, in order to enjoy all the benefits of the Google ecosystem and apps.

Android 12 is the latest mobile OS released by Google. The OS has really matured over the years, and now each update has more useful features than before. Check out our Android 12 repository if you want to flash an Android 12 firmware on your phone.

If you have already installed the latest version, then the next step is to flash Gapps. Below you will get an explanation of why you need to do so.

Why you need to flash Android 12 Gapps

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When developers create new ROMs, such as LineageOS 19, they base their builds on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) code. This ensures that the ROMs are up to standard and have the latest features. However, if you flash any of these ROMs, you will not have any Google apps such as Google Maps, Google Play Services, or YouTube. Due to licensing issues, developers cannot legally include Android 12 Google applications on their builds.

This is where Gapps into play. They are nothing more than a bunch of Google apps grouped together into a flashable ZIP file. Once you flash the file, you will enjoy all the Google apps that you want. There are different types of Gapps, based on your preference. There are small packages that contain only the bare minimum of Google apps, and there are huge packages that contain every possible app.

Download Gapps for Android 12 ROMs

As of this moment, there are no stable and working Gapps packages for Android 12. Bookmark this page and check it every so often, because we will include all the links once the first packages become available.

The first thing you should do is to download a proper Gapps package. There are different types of Gapps with every new Android release. Some of the most popular types are NikkGapps, BitGapps, FlameGapps, and Open Gapps. Each has its own set of apps that you can choose from.

NikkGapps (Android 12 Gapps)

NikkGapps is a popular package that is created and maintained by Nikhil. It is designed to suit everyone’s needs. The apps are always updated to the latest version, and there are a few apps that cannot be found on any other packages. Furthermore, it can be installed on any partition (/system and /product.)

NikkGapps comes in six different packages:

  • Core: It has the minimum number of apps that are required to use Play Store (Gms Core, Google Services Framework, Calendar Sync).
  • Basic: It has everything from Core plus Digital Wellbeing and YouTube Vanced.
  • Omni: It has everything from Basic plus Google Dialer, Messages, Contacts, and Carrier Services.
  • Macro: It has everything from Omni plus Google Drive, Google Maps, Gmail, and more.
  • Stock: It has everything from Macro plus Google Wallpapers, Sounds and some more apps.
  • Full: This is the most complete package. It has everything that might be related to Google.

There is also a seventh package designed for low-end phones running on Android Go.

BitGapps (Android 12 Gapps)

BitGapps is another popular package created and maintained by TheHitMan. Unlike other packages, BitGapps comes with the most important apps. It does not have any bloatware that will eat RAM. The package comes with optimized APKs, Safetynet Patch, battery optimizations, the latest Zipalign, and more. It supported ARM, ARM64

How To Install Android 12 Gapps

The process to flash a Gapps package is pretty straight forward. Every package comes as a flashable ZIP file. You need to have a custom recovery such as TWRP to flash the file.

  1. Download one of the Gapps packages listed above. Transfer the file to the internal storage of your phone.
  2. Press and hold the power button to turn off the phone.
  3. Go into recovery mode. This depends on the model of the phone, but usually, it is volume up + power buttons.
  4. While in TWRP, tap on Install. Navigate to the folder where you transferred the Gapps file.
  5. Tap on the file and swipe to confirm the installation.
  6. TWRP will now flash all the Google apps that are inside the package.

Once the installation process is over, reboot your phone. Setup your Google account, and you will be able to use your favorite Gapps on your Android 12 ROM.


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