Install Amplify Module To Improve Battery Life & Fix Idle Battery Drain

Android is an amazing operating system with an amazing community. When you navigate through different Android forums seeking for help, you will see many people ready to help you for anything. But on these forums you don’t see solutions only about problems, but also mods and tweaks to improve performance.

Google tries really hard to optimize Android to bring the best performance and best battery life possible. It even included a new battery power saving mode on 5.0 Lollipop which disables unnecessary app requests to improve battery life.

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But the power saving mode is not the only solution which leads to better battery life. There are a few quick ways like turning off WiFi, Bluetooth, disabling background data and lowering CPU performance. While these improve battery life, they block a lot of features which make a smartphone useful.

amplify module increase battery

A senior member from XDA forums, Celestial Fury, has made an Xposed module called Amplify which aims to improve battery life without blocking any useful features of Android.

Amplify is an Xposed module which doesn’t block any important functionalities of an Android phone like WiFi, internet access, Bluetooth and background data. The module improves battery life and prevents idle battery drain without disabling GPS, Auto Sync, Google Now, Location Services, WiFi, Google Services Framework, Google Maps and Push Notifications. So your phone gets to last longer and also enjoy all the functionalities above.

With the module installed, you will no longer have to worry about your phone getting turned on from a deep sleep or having too many wakelocks. Too many wakelocks will prevent the phone from going to deep sleep which leads to battery drain.

Install Amplify module to improve battery life and prevent battery drain


Xposed framework: download here

Amplify Xposed module: link

  1. Download Xposed installer APK file and install it.
  2. Open Xposed Installer app and go to “Framework” and install it if you haven’t already. Reboot the phone.
  3. Install Amplify APK file. Open Xposed Installer, go to “Modules” and activate Amplify.
  4. Reboot your phone for the module to run.

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That is it. If you want to customize any settings or see device statistics, open Amplify as an app and make all the necessary changes there.


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