3 Things the iPhone 6 Must Have to be Revolutionary and Compete with Latest Androids

Is iPhone 6 going to be revolutionary?  The iPhone 6 is expected to get released at the end of the year, probably during the September – October period. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is just around the corner and it seems like it’s going to be a real powerhouse.

The next-gen iPhone should really have some incredible and unseen features to compete with high-end Android smartphones.


Here are top 3 things the iPhone 6 must have to compete with high-end Android devices.

1. New and Improved Design

Really, the biggest change the iPhone has ever had was the iPhone 4 which had a more rectangular design than the 3GS, introduced for the first time the Retina display and replaced the plastic back cover with glass instead.

Since then, for 4 years the design hasn’t been radically redesigned. The iPhone 5 was simply a bit taller with the same width. It is really time for a major upgrade. Sure, it is beautiful, stylish and with premium materials but it is getting old. People are getting tired seeing almost the same design every year.

2. Bigger Screen

After 5 years, Apple finally made the screen on the iPhone 5 bigger. The display was 3.5″ since the first generation iPhone until the 4S. However, a 0.5″ screen increase isn’t very noticeable and with today’s standard’s, a 4″ display is very small, especially when compared with Android’s giants.

Apart from the small screen, the new iPhone also needs a higher resolution display. Since from the iPhone 4 to 5S, these devices have all had the Retina display with a PPI of 326 pixels which with today’s standards, it’s not very good.

3. More features on the new iOS version.


Usually, the new iPhone always comes with the new iOS version. For example, the iPhone 5S came with iOS 7, the 5 came with iOS 6 and so on. The biggest change iOS ever had was with the launch of the 5S which also presented iOS 7.

For the first time, iOS had a different lock screen, new design and supported live wallpapers, even though only a few built-in wallpapers were available. However, for many people this in not enough because iOS feels very limited and you have to jailbreak your phone in order to install custom mods and themes.

iOS needs to be more open and should allow its users to customize it as they wish. This would give this operating system even more sympathy from Android users who are used to fully modify their devices.

These are 3 things the new iPhone should have in order to compete with high-end Android devices and be revolutionary. What do you think?


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