2014 Touchwiz UI Coming with a New Amazing Design

Touchwiz is one of the most popular launchers in the world. It is mainly used by Samsung smartphones and especially by flagshpip devices such as the Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note 2 (2012), Galaxy S4 & Galaxy Note 3 (2013) and soon, the Galaxy S5. After the big design change on the Galaxy S3, Touchwiz hasn’t gone through drastic UI changes these two years.

The only things which were improved were the weather widget, better looking icons and a new Settings menu. However, new screenshots say that the Galaxy S5 will have a totally new Touchiwz interface.

It is going to be better, cleaner, simpler and more eye-catching. As you can see from the screenshot, everything will change. The lockscreen, launcher, statusbar icons as well as stock Samsung’s app icons. Icons appear to be simpler and flatter (like iOS 7 icons).

Blue & purple colors are dominant (Maybe to show off the amazing Super Amoled Display). Apparently, the new Touchwiz launcher will have a Blinkfeed-like menu where the latest news and updates will appear. What do you think? Do you like this new launcher design from Samsung?