Download Beats Audio for Samsung Galaxy S4

Beats Audio was exclusive only for the HTC devices for quite some time but now you can install Beats Audio Equalizer on Samsung Galaxy S4 too.

You can tweak headset, phone speaker and Bluetooth sound quality. Increase bass boost, enable virtual room effect, set equalizer that you prefer to really enhance your Galaxy S4 music experience.


How to enable Beats Audio on Galaxy S4?
1. Install Beats Audio.
2. After that, go to Settings.
3. Select My device tab.
4. Go to Sound.
5. Then select Music effect.
6. Finally, select BeatsEQ.
7. That’s it.

Download Beats Audio for Galaxy S4 here

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7 Responses to Download Beats Audio for Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. Edward Aranda says:

    How do you install it?

  2. aabbb says:

    need root ????

  3. shehz says:

    where did u download this m8 and who is supporting it

  4. KJ says:

    Can’t find setting> “my device” I’ve installed the .zip using twrp but in setting I can only find sound but its not on there.

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