Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Giveaway: Win One For Free


If you want a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you can win one now by entering the giveaway. Yes, Samsung is giving away a lot of Galaxy Note 4 units for free. The company is organizing a giveaway where you

Install Galaxy Note 4 Weather Widget on Galaxy Note 3


If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and want to try out the new features of the Galaxy Note 3, you can download the official accuweather weather widget app. The system dump got released a few days ago and

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Apps (Browser, Task Manager, S Voice, Health, Memo)


More and more applications are being extracted from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 system dump. Previously, you could download official wallpapers and weather widget. Now, the full app pack of the phone has arrived. Many people want the new Galaxy

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Accuweather Widget


Now that the system dump of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been released, its applications and features will be ported to other Android devices too. One of the first things everyone does when a new device gets released is getting

Smartphones With Best & Longest Battery Life 2014


Are you wondering which devices have the best and longest battery life at the moment? It is year 2014 and smartphones have advanced. They have better processors, better displays, better cameras and better battery life. Even though batteries haven’t really

How To Make Your iOS 8 Camera Manual Options (ISO, White Balance, Shutter Speed)


Have you ever wanted to be able to fully control camera settings on your iPhone? Manually selecting ISO, shutter speed and manual focus are a few settings that aren’t available on stock camera app of iOS devices. While on Android devices

How To Enable WiFi Hotspot on iPhone 6 & 6 Plus iOS 8


Have you ever been in that position where you are travelling and have a very important work to do but you have no WiFi signal? Sure, you have internet on your iPhone 6 but you must use a computer or

How To Update Your iPhone To iOS 8.0.2 To Fix Bugs


If you have an iPhone or iPad, you have probably updated to iOS 8. The first release of iOS 8 was good with no major problems and it was very stable. After a few days, Apple released the first update

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 4 System Dump


Download full system dump of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 now. It is a tradition for developers to extract the system dump of every flagship device. Because Android is so flexible and can be customized by manufacturers, new flagship devices

Galaxy Note 4 Unboxing: Inside The Box Accessories


Are you waiting for the official release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 so you can buy and enjoy one? The Note 4 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones of this year. This is not only because it is