10 Interesting Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks


Here are ten tips and tricks about the Galaxy S5 that will help you to make the most of the device. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is an amazing phone. It has everything that a user can require from a modern smart

How To Take A Screenshot On The Galaxy S5


How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S5? The GS5 packs plenty of useful features and applications which make our lives easier. Fingerprint sensor, Multi Window, S Health and many more. But one question that you will always

Ported LG G2 Camera App for Nexus 4


The LG camera has been ported to Nexus 4. Stock Android camera is quick and fast. It is decent. The problem is that the app doesn’t have many features and options making it limited when it comes to taking beautiful

Install Moto X Touchless Control, Camera, Active Notifications, Motorola Spotlight on Moto G


Some special Moto X applications have been ported and you can download them on your Moto G. Moto X has quite a few useful apps that no other Android device has. Motorola Spotlight, Active Notifications, Touchless Control , Droid Zap

Best Galaxy S5 ROMs (S5 Theme) for Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3


Here are the best Galaxy S5 ROMs (S5 Theme) for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. The developers have done a great job porting different apps and features to older Samsung devices.  They work great without a single problem. However,

How To SIM Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S5 To Any Carrier


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great device but in many cases it is SIM locked. If you buy it from a carrier on contract it will be SIM locked which means that you cannot use another SIM card from

Install Extreme Power Saving Mode on HTC One (M7)


Get Extreme Power Saving mode feature of the new HTC One (M8) on your HTC One (M7). Extreme Power Saving Mode is an interesting feature that allows the phone to last longer on a single charge.Actually, the phone with this

Galaxy S5 Survives After Being Burned With Gasoline


Galaxy S5 survives the fire test. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is going through the most extreme torture tests. Previously, it went through Water Test, Drop Test and even hammer test where the battery exploded releasing harmful gases. This time, the

Galaxy S5 Theme & Apps for Galaxy Note 2 (Including Ultra Power saving Mode)


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is receiving a lot of Galaxy S5 features lately. Many apps and themes have been released that you can install on your Note 2 and make it to look like the new Samsung’s flagship device. However,

How to Install Samsung Galaxy S5 Lock Screen Effect on Galaxy S4


Download Samsung Galaxy S5 lock screen effect on your Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung has always released a new lock screen effect for every important smartphone it launches since the Galaxy S3. On the good old GS3, the lock screen was