Display Lock Screen Slideshow Photos On Galaxy Devices (How To)

lock screen slideshow samsung galaxy

Galaxy devices are probably the best Android smartphones. These devices are sold more than other high-end Android flagship devices. They have excellent performance and a  lot of features that makes these devices preferred by many people. In this article we are

How To Flash Factory Images (Firmware) on LG Devices Using LG Flashtool


LG Flashtool is a simple app created by LG which help you to flash firmwares in LG devices in a faster way than before. The process is much easier than using fastboot flashing process. It is also good because you don’t need

3 Things To Do With Your New PS4 (Tips & Tricks)

things to do new ps4 tips tricks

Here are a few tips of what to do with your new Playstation 4. The PS4 is the best selling console at the moment. It is outselling its rivals like the Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U. It is slimmer and more

Why Is Minecraft So Popular and Addictive (Reasons & Opinions)

minecraft why so popular

Minecraft has been released 3 years ago on 2011. Back then, it wasn’t a popular and big game. Minecraft was created by Notch and then it became a property of Mojang. Once the game was officially released, it started to

How To Enable Galaxy S5 Grayscale Mode Without Activating Ultra Power Saving Mode

enable grayscale without ultra power saving mode

How to turn the Galaxy S5 screen into black and white without enabling Ultra Power Saving Mode? The Samsung Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones on the market. Not only it has high-end specifications making it one of

How To Fix HTC One M8 Bootloop (Stuck at Boot Screen)

htc one m8 stuck boot screen fix

Here is the solution for HTC One M8 stuck at boot screen problem or as it is called else, bootloop. If you are experiencing a bootloop on your HTC One M8, this is a good article to read and find

The Best Way To Organize Your Life Using a Smartphone – Slate Calendar

Slate calendar

We live in a technologic world, we are surrounded with gadgets. With or without our consequence technology affects our lives. You can find it everywhere, in your house, work and vacations.  It has replaced a lot of things that we

Best Custom ROMs for LG G3 (Fast & Stable)


The LG G3 is latest and greatest LG device. It has high-end specifications and a firmware filled with useful features and options. If you are looking for the best custom ROMs for your LG G3 device you have come to

Top Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Custom Kernels


Here are the best kernels you can find for your Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung Galaxy S devices are known for their big developer support including the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. This time, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not an